A Classy-Ass Classic Champagne Cocktail for New Year’s Eve

new year's eve champagne cocktailThere are all kinds of ways to make a super creative, fancy-ass champagne cocktail since “champagne cocktail” is really just a broad term for any cocktail made with champagne. It could include liqueurs, syrups, or fucking unicorn tears. But if I’m being honest (and when am I not?) my favorite is and always has been, and probably will always be, the most well-known version, traditionally made by soaking a sugar cube in bitters, then topping it with champagne. My love for this drink surely has something to do with the fact that I really, really, really love bitters. Seriously — when I was sick over the weekend, all I wanted was lemon La Croix with a shitton of Angostura Bitters. And Sick Me got super mad at Healthy Me for drinking all of my La Croix and sent my poor husband (who actually didn’t get mad at me, at least not for that) out on Christmas day to get more.

Anyway… not only is this drink a great way to say adieu (nay, a giant fuck you!) to 2017, it’s also a fun and pretty way to make shitty bubbly totally palatable. And you already have Angostura Bitters at home, right? RIGHT? (If not, you need to get on that.) But unless you make these on the regular, are my grandma (which I hope you’re not because both of my grandmothers are dead), or are strangely literal about your Bjork fandom, you probably don’t keep sugar cubes in the house. And that’s totally fine. Just use a teaspoon of white granulated sugar (otherwise known as “sugar”) because it’s the same fucking thing — you know, just not in cube form.

new year's eve champagne cocktail

Classic Champagne Cocktail


1 sugar cube (or 1 teaspoon sugar)
4 to 6 dashes Angostura Bitters
Chilled champagne or prosecco
Lemon twist, for garnish


Add the sugar and bitters to the bottom of a champagne flute or coupe glass then swirl the glass a bit so the sugar at least mostly dissolves into the bitters. Top it off with the champagne and garnish with the lemon twist. Enjoy while drinking away the memory of this disaster of a year.

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