Shit You Can Make: Washi Tape Easter Eggs

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creative easter egg decoration washi tape

If one more person tells me they can’t do anything creative, I’m going to lose my shit. Because you know what? With some pretty washi tape and scissors, you can make these beautiful Easter eggs. Anyone can make these eggs. Like, you don’t even need to be able to cut in a straight line, because tape isn’t wide.

Seriously, guys. These eggs are ridiculously simple and they look like something you’d pay $26 a piece for at fucking Anthropologie and then lie to your husband and tell him you made them or got them at Dollar Tree. Except this time you really are going to make them. Twelve of them for less than $10! (Then you can go buy something else at Anthropologie with all that money you saved. Maybe this $85 egg holder? After all, you’re going to need a way to display your thrifty DIY.)

creative easter egg decoration washi tape

Have I mentioned how easy these are? I mean, I honestly can’t even believe I’m typing out multiple paragraphs of instructions — for adults — on how to put tape on a fucking hard-boiled egg, but here I go.

Washi Tape Easter Eggs

1. Buy the trash eggs for $1.09 a dozen (because you have absolutely no plans to eat them* unless you want to sulfur fart for a week), an egg dyeing kit for $1.99 and a few rolls of washi tape, and maybe some glitter tape if you’re feeling fancy, for $2 to $3 each.

2. Hard-boil those eggs — only so they don’t break and they’ll take longer to stink (I think. I could be wrong about this stink part because now that I think about it, hard boiled eggs are pretty stinky. Anyway….). If you mess them up, that’s cool. Like I said, you’re not going to eat them.

3. Once the eggs have cooled, dye them. Here’s a creative tip: If you dye all of the eggs similar shades they’re going to look fancier, but really, dye them however the fuck you want. Or don’t dye them. But if you do, the longer you leave an egg in the dye, the more intense the color, so you could leave some in for two minutes, some for five — you get the drift.

4. Once the dye is completely dry, cut up some washi tape and put it on those eggs. If you mess it up, take it off. Washi tape can’t even hold fucking wrapping paper in place so you better believe it comes off of an egg pretty easily. Here’s another creative tip: If you get a few different kinds of washi tape in similar color palettes, like these different gold tapes I used, and then put them on your monochromatic-dyed eggs, they’re going to look rich as shit. In fact, here’s a cool set that’s already put together and really strips this project of any need for creativity.

You can do this, you rainbow-infused space shark. I believe in you!

creative easter egg decoration washi tape

*Did you guys eat your Easter eggs when you were kids? We totally did, and looking back, that’s pretty gross. Though maybe we only dyed them the day before Easter? I can’t even remember. I like to keep my holiday displays up for a few weeks, so these are going to be more like biohazards than foodstuffs. Of course, if you want to make them right before Easter and use cage-free, farm-fresh eggs, that’s even better.

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