Festive Shit You Can Actually Make: Minimalist Eucalyptus Wreath

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DIY eucalyptus wreathOh, hi. Here’s a tutorial for a DIY eucalyptus wreath literally ANYONE can make for the holidays or any damn day. Much like my washi-tape Easter eggs, these likely aren’t instructions you actually need. I mean, you could probably just look at the picture and figure that shit out. That’s exactly what I did, anyway. I was chilling at a holiday styling event (basically a room full of fashionable blondes in tan ankle booties) at Golden & Pine last month, and I spotted these adorable little minimalist hipster fucking wreaths. Then I thought, I could make that shit. And then I thought, I will make that shit. And then I thought, I shall turn that shit it into holiday content. And so I did.

So now you get way too many pictures of a really simple, pretty little DIY, because I finally got someone to take some goddamn pictures of me (but somehow didn’t manage to zip my jeans up all the way). Of course, I haven’t been home with good light to take a final beauty shot, and I’m also making them with pine right now, so I feel like I’m keeping so much from you! I’m planning to switch that shit out by the season, too, so be sure to follow me on Instagram to see all the places I’ll go. With the wreath I mean. I rarely go anywhere but home and work these days. And like I said, I’m never home when the sun is out.

DIY eucalyptus wreathWhat You’ll Need:

Thick brown craft wire (I used this stuff from Michaels)
Thin green or brown craft wire (optional)
Fresh Eucalyptus (I get mine at Trader Joe’s)
Leather cord
Good scissors or wire cutters (or both, but probably wire cutters for the thick wire)

DIY eucalyptus wreathTo start, form a circle with the thick brown craft wire. I went all the way around twice so that shit was nice and sturdy.

DIY eucalyptus wreathNext, affix some eucalyptus to part or all of the circle. I used thin green craft wire to do this, but the thick stuff will work, too, if you don’t have both.

DIY eucalyptus wreathCreate a little hangy-dangy thing with about eight inches of brown leather cord. Tie the two ends together in a knot then loop it around one part of the wreath. (And unlike me, be sure your fucking jeans are zipped up all the way!)Voila. You are done! How fucking easy was that? (Easy. Really, really easy.)

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Photos by Grace Pritchett 


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