Paper Crafts + Boozy Drafts: Easter Egg Edition

easter egg craft event kansas cityGet your hot glue guns ready (kidding, I’ll bring them) for my next craft event in Kansas City. Paper Crafts + Boozy Drafts (the hoppy, malty version of Crafts + Cocktails) is coming back to Boulevard Brewing Company‘s new Tours & Rec Center on Wednesday, March 28. And if you can’t tell from the picture, this time we’re dyeing and decorating Easter eggs! Once again, I’ll come up with a boozy beer cocktail you can enjoy while crafting.

Unlike last year’s Easter egg event (which was wonderful, and it was my very first event for this nasty little baby blog) Boulevard is going to take care of dyeing the eggs. Seriously you guys, the night before that last one was a total fucking shit show. And my house and car smelled like literal shit (well, sulfur, anyway) for days. I had to hard boil 420 eggs AT MY FUCKING HOUSE and then load them into the car the night before. And you know how many eggs you have to boil in bulk to get 420 that aren’t cracked? About 600. SIX HUNDRED FUCKING EGGS. Luckily, I got smart at the end and used my sous vide and behemoth stock pot, but holy fuck that was horrible.

Like last year, the tickets are a mere $25 — and include a half dozen hard-boiled eggs, all the sparkly washi tape and pastel poms your lovely little hands can handle, an egg-white beer cocktail (developed by yours truly, of course), and an additional beer. Want to dye more than six eggs? Bring ’em! We’ll have plenty of supplies.

Here are some eggs I made last year that you can totally copy and I won’t even get pissed.

creative easter egg decoration washi tape easter egg event kansas city easter egg event kansas city easter egg event kansas city If you’re in Kansas City, I really hope you’ll join me for this super fun Easter egg and cocktail event!


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