Kansas City Event: The Boozy Bungalow Happy Hour at J. Crew

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emily farris j crew boozy bungalow kansas cityDid you know I’m a super famous J. Crew model? I’m kidding! OF COURSE (seriously, though, did I have you fooled for half a second at least?) But, for real, I am hosting a Boozy Bungalow Happy Hour at The Plaza J. Crew this Saturday, December 1, from 4 to 6 pm. And if you’re in Kansas City, you should totally come. Not just because they’re going to be serving my Vanilla Old Fashioned:

vanilla old fashioned recipeBut also because these high-waisted Curvy Toothpick Jeans are PERFECTION. And you’re going to want to try them on since I can almost guarantee you’re going to need a smaller size than you think you do. I’m not going to say they’re vanity sized, but the size I’m wearing starts with a “2” instead of a “3.”
j. crew curvy toothpick jeanOh, and I’ll be there sporting this super-soft cashmere sweater (and fun earrings you’re supposed to see in my picture but you don’t because I’m actually a terrible model).

j crew cashmere sweater and geometric earringsPlus, we’ll be giving away one of these adorable Old Fashioned t-shirts! So you better show up if you want a chance to win!

j crew old fashioned t-shirtObviously, she is a much better model than I am. I need to work on my sexy open-mouth pose.

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