This Fig Bourbon Tonic is Your New Jam

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fig jam cocktailSome of my favorite Instagram bitches have been posting pictures of beautiful fresh figs all week, and while I have yet to spot any here in the Midwest, I was inspired to make this fig jam cocktail. I know it sounds fucking weird — a cocktail made with jam — and maybe it is. But what can I say? I like weird shit.

Anyway, it’s really not that weird. While it’s on the verge of being one of those fancy-ass cocktails you get for $14 at a schmancy bar, it’s simple, and truly easy to make. In addition to the fig jam, it gets bourbon, tonic, and a squeeze of lemon. That’s it! It’s so good, and so easy, and it’s the perfect drink for this late-summer, almost-fall, still-too-many-mosquitoes time of year. The best part is it’s not too sweet. The tonic cuts the sugars in the jam, while the fig really cuts the harshness of tonic. (Is harsh how you’d describe tonic? That makes it sound like I hate it, even though I don’t at all.)

Now, you might be thinking, “How the hell do I put jam — something that’s not a liquid — into a cocktail?” Well, you shake the shit out of it, that’s how. I mean, a little jam may get stuck in your strainer at the end, but that’s okay; it just makes for a smoother drink. Of course it will still have fig seeds in it, and if you don’t like the idea of that you could double strain it… or just move onto another fucking drink because maybe you don’t even really like figs at all so why are you even here?

fig jam cocktail

Fig Bourbon Tonic


2 ounces bourbon
1 heaping teaspoon fig jam
Tonic water
Lemon wedge, for garnish


Add the bourbon and fig jam to a cocktail shaker (or wide-mouth mason jar) with a handful of ice. Shake the shit out of it (really) then, using a Hawthorne strainer, strain it into an old-fashioned or stemless wine glass. Add a handful of ice, top it off with the tonic, give it a squeeze of lemon, and enjoy.

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