Free Digital Download: January 2018 Calendar

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free printable january 2018 calendarNo better way to start off the new year than getting something up, like, a week later than I planned, right? Well, your free printable January 2018 calendar is finally here, and now we can all live for a few days, or maybe even a few weeks, believing that this is the year we’re going to be super-duper organized, get back to writing everything down on paper, and finally stick to that diet — for real this time. (For the record, I woke up and ate French toast, because isn’t that the best way to kick-off a month of low-carb eating?)

For this design, I carried over some snowflakes from the December calendar. Because snowflakes shouldn’t be reserved for holidays. It’s cold as fuck in Kansas City right now; as I type this at 10:30 am, the sun is shining, and it’s still -3º outside. In fact, it would be a lot more bearable with some big, fluffy snowflakes falling from the sky, but for now we get these flat black ones.

free printable january 2018 calendarAs always, the calendar is free, and as you may or may not know by now, the only catch is that you need to “buy” the digital file from my store. You don’t have to pay any money or give any credit card info or anything like that. You just have to plug some information into some boxes. But I promise I won’t sell your email address, or stalk you (unless you’re really super fucking cool), and I think if you create an account it makes it really easy to download it next time. Also, I think I’ve fixed it so that those of you who aren’t in the US can easily download it. (My physical items are US shipping only, since I can’t handle calculating international rates right now. Hopefully soon, though.) The only other thing I ask is that in exchange for this free item from my shop, you follow me on Instagram. I hear my feed is pretty entertaining, and my stories even more so (though I definitely lost some followers after I gave major boos to some honkytonk Eminmen-Nickelback-Linkin Park guy who was performing at Times Square last night — #sorrynotsorry).

Get Your Free Printable January 2018 Calendar

And, really, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram. We’re on the honor system here. Don’t be a dick.

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