A Gin Limeade for Late-Summer Sipping

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gin limeade recipe prairie organic gin cocktail easyThis week I got to do one of those things that make being a freelance writer less of a broke-ass drag: a press trip! It’s when a brand (or tourism board, or whatever) takes you on a little excursion, covers all of your expenses, and shows you a good time in hopes you’ll write about their product. If I were a “real journalist” there would probably be some ethical issues with this. Shit, maybe there still are. But I was itching to get away for a minute, plus I never say yes to anything that doesn’t genuinely interest me. And we all know I’m genuinely interested in booze. So when Prairie Organic Spirits invited me to Minnesota for a few days to get to know the brand, as well as one of the farmers that provides corn for their vodka and gin, I jumped at the chance.

If you watch my IG stories, you know I drank lots of delicious concoctions while up north, and even got to drive a combine (perhaps under the influence, but it only went up to 4.5 MPH so I think it was all cool). I took a sleepy selfie in a rainy corn field, and I also found a new gin that I really love, and even a flavored vodka I not only didn’t hate, but actually liked (Prairie makes a cucumber vodka, in addition to a plain one).

I still have a real article to write, for a real publication (and not just this little potty-mouth baby blog), but for now, I’m gonna drop a drink recipe here. Because that’s what I do.

gin limeade recipe prairie organic gin cocktail easyAside from the beautiful bottle and USDA organic certification, the Prairie gin also tastes really good. It’s not super juniper-y, so people who aren’t that into gin may still be into this one. Even without those strong juniper notes, it still has a great, smooth flavor, and I wanted that to come through in this simple, easy cocktail that reminds me a little of the limeades I used to drink when I was a kid, but with (you know) gin. It’s kind of like a gin rickey, but with a little more sweetness and a lot less soda. Or maybe it’s more like a gimlet, but with soda. Hell, I could totally be ripping off a cocktail that already exists and not even know it. Whatever it is, it’s delicious and refreshing and should probably just be your go-to cocktail for the remainder of the summer.

Gin Limeade


2 ounces gin
1 ounce fresh-squeezed lime juice
½ ounce simple syrup
Club soda
Lime wheel for garnish


Add the gin, lime juice, and simple syrup to a cocktail shaker or wide-mouth mason jar with a handful of ice. Shake and strain into a double-rocks or Old-fashioned glass. Add a handful of ice, top off with club soda, and garnish with a lime wheel. Enjoy!

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