Fell In Love With a Chair: Article’s Matrix Yarrow Gold

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gold velvet chair article matrix yarrowRemember that scene early in Wayne’s World when Wayne saw a guitar he wanted and said, “She will be mine. Oh yes, she will be mine?” And he said it again when he saw Cassandra for the first time? Well, maybe you don’t remember it because you’re not quickly approaching your 20-year high school reunion (and maybe it seems a little icky in 2018 retrospect), but that’s exactly how I felt about this gold velvet chair from Article when I spotted it online a few months ago.

gold velvet chair article matrix yarrowOriginally, I was poking around Article’s site eyeballing their sectionals. I’d been considering tan leather to replace our ancient and “well loved” microfiber workhorse, but when I saw that Article had added a gold velvet fabric option for a few of its pieces, I immediately redesigned the whole setup in my head: dark sectional, gold chair. Boom, boom, BOOM!

I know what you’re thinking. And yes, I agree. Obviously a gold velvet couch would be nice, too. But the Yarrow Gold isn’t currently available on any of Article’s sectionals, and we definitely need a sectional. But the bigger issue was the fact that I have a toddler, two rowdy mutts who shed all over the damn place, and a very sweet but messy husband who likes to eat barbecue on the couch while watching basketball on TV. So no, a gold velvet couch wasn’t in the cards. For now, I’m thrilled to be done with microfiber, but still very realistic about my velvet acquisitions. (And I’m already eyeballing my next one.)

gold velvet chair article matrix yarrowgold velvet chair article matrix yarrowAnyway, in case you couldn’t tell, I’m obsessed with gold velvet anything. Obsessed. Always have been, always will be. Add it to a sleek chair with a deep seat and sexy lines, and I’m done for. Take all my money already! (Somehow, though, I managed to convince the good people at Article to send me one.)

Also, it just so happens to PERFECTLY match the throw pillow covers I had made with this gorgeous vintage barkcloth I found at a flea market a few years ago.

gold velvet chair article matrix yarrow

gold velvet chair article matrix yarrow

gold velvet chair article matrix yarrowAfter living with it for a month, I’m shocked at how well this thing has held up. Everything gets a lot of wear and tear in this house, and the chair still looks just like it was delivered yesterday. Maybe it’s time to rethink that whole velvet couch thing after all…

This post is in partnership with Article, who provided me with the chair. (Though, to be honest with YOU, I totally would have bought it anyway and probably just put it on my credit card and told my husband I had a promo code or something. Because I’m horrible like that and really, really ridiculously obsessed with gold velvet.)

ARTICLE: Matrix Chair in Yarrow Gold

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  1. Elana
    | Reply

    I remember that movie moment well because I too have a high school 20 year reunion coming up, I believe, next year. I’m not positive because I am so old now that my brain doesn’t work. Also, I’m SUPER into velvet places to sit my butt on and I dream of a velvet hunter green couch for my house. That, you know, can withstand two small kids, a dog, and a husband who also likes to eat the MESSIEST SHIT on the couch.

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