Shiny Shit You Can Make: Metallic Sharpie Easter Eggs

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metallic sharpie easter eggs

Oh, hi! I’m back with yet another Easter craft — yes, more eggs! — that needs no tutorial. So instead, I’m going to give you some pretty pictures and smart-ass comments and let you take it from there. I mean, isn’t that what lifestyle blogging is all about? Inspiration and aspiration and all that shit? I think so. Fuck. I really hope I’m doing this right.

metallic sharpie easter eggs

Anyway, as you can probably deduce from the pictures and headline, these are metallic Sharpie Easter eggs. You dye eggs, then draw on them with metallic Sharpies. The end. But not really the end. Because I’m going to tell you some more things. Like, that even though I fucking love (like, stupid, ridiculous love) Sharpies, for this project the metallic Bic markers work better. And that metallic markers definitely need a little time to dry, so once you draw on half of an egg, chill the fuck out for, like, five minutes before turning it and decorating the other side. Move on to another egg, or have a drink, or give yourself a cute gold temporary Easter-themed tattoo.

metallic sharpie easter eggs

Also, if you think I freehanded the stripes, you’re sweet. I can’t draw a straight line to save my life, and especially not around a fucking oval. But I love stripes—at least half of my shirts are striped!—so I knew there had to be a way. And there was! I put a small rubber band on the egg to use as a guide. In case you’re wondering how small, think: the rubber band that comes on a bunch of broccolini; turns out it’s also the perfect size for an egg. (And, yes, I realize I just used a colon and a semi-colon in the same sentence. While I’m really starting to question that decision, I think I’m going to roll with it.) Just remember to let that shit dry before you take off the rubber band. (Here’s another Easter-themed temporary tattoo idea to keep you busy while you wait.)

metallic sharpie easter eggs

So, if that’s it, I guess I’ll just leave you with some more aspirational BS like live your best life and be authentic and I believe in you. And drink a green smoothie. Or maybe a matcha latte.

Okay, I’m off to forage my dinner in a chunky neutral sweater and duck boots. Until next time!

metallic sharpie easter eggs

P.S. If you live in Kansas City and want to make these with me while sipping on beer cocktails, join me for Paper Crafts + Boozy Drafts: Easter Egg Edition at Boulevard Brewing Company on Wednesday, March 28.

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  1. Charlotte Lindsay
    | Reply

    Just stumbled upon your blog and I think it is one of my favorite lifestyle blogs out there! Great home decor and life ideas all with some real life put into it!

  2. Kay
    | Reply

    I love this! Looking frantically for “shiny” egg ideas for nursery egg decorating contest although I’m craftily challenged. Even I can buy a metallic sharpie tho! Love it. Wish I was in Kansas City for a mimosa!!

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