Big News: Festive AF is now The Boozy Bungalow!

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festive af is now the boozy bungalow emily farrisIf you’ve been watching my Instagram stories, or even reading my captions, you know I’m changing my handle! Festive AF has been real, but to be honest, it’s fucking exhausting being festive as fuck all the damn time.

When I started this blog, I was all, “It’s my dream to get paid to craft and make cocktails and style photos and write snarky shit all day.” Except I didn’t get paid (I mean, I made a few bucks here and there, but I’ve lost a LOT of time and money on this thing). I put so much pressure on myself to do things on a schedule: weekly cocktails, monthly calendars, regular events (and then planning the events, and working to get people to actually show up to them). And that was all on top of a full-time job, a busy freelance writing side hustle, and being a mom and a wife — with a ton of projects I’ve been neglecting around my house. And don’t even get me started on having to pretend I actually like Valentine’s Day.

But speaking of my house, when I started giving little snippets of my kitchen renovation on my Instagram stories, you guys ate that shit up! And you know what? I love home decor even more than I love crafts. I’ve written about it for publications you’ve actually heard of (even ELLE DECOR, though it was ages ago) and since I have an entire 102-year-old Arts & Crafts bungalow that needs ALL THE WORK, it makes sense to shift my focus toward home decor.

So, if you loved Festive AF I think you’re going to love The Boozy Bungalow even more. I’ll still be the same awkward, drunk asshole you’ve come to know and love, but you’ll get more snippets of my house, along with the random shit I drink on a Tuesday night (and yes, still lots of cocktail recipes!). You’ll also come to learn all about my vintage rug obsession and throw pillow insecurity (I just made that up, but it’s a thing). You might even get some snippets of my beer-professional husband, Kyle. Maybe.

Anyway, thanks for sticking around this long.

You’ll see I’ve updated the name here and you should look out for the change on Instagram and Facebook sometime this weekend.

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  1. Rachael HELPS
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    Home decor, cocktail 🍹 and a couple of F bombs with red 💄 lipstick. I like this new cocktail you’ve cook up.

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