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Oh, hi. Me again. (Of course it’s fucking me, this is my blog.) As I mentioned earlier this summer, I found myself without studio mates and instead of getting new ones, decided to make up the lost income by offering female-centric workshops in my big, beautiful space. Now shit’s changed and I’ve crossed over to the dark side of gainful employment and may even have to give up my perfect studio, but the event isn’t going anywhere anytime soon (well, it may go to another physical location in the new year if I can’t find anyone to rent desks from me, but it’s not going away-away). Luckily, Kansas City is full of badass, inspiring women, and for the fourth Creativity + Cocktails event, I’m thrilled to have Emily Reinhardt, The Object Enthusiast as the featured speaker. the object enthusiast event kansas city Emily’s gorgeous ceramics are sold in shops around the country, and are even available from Anthropologie. If I could, I’d just fill my home with her beautiful things. (And after the event, I probably will and then my husband and I will get in a big fight about my shopping problem.)

the object enthusiastAfter a moderated Q&A with Emily, we’ll chat about our own projects, brainstorm, and support each other in our creative and business endeavors. It will be part learning, part networking, part big-idea workshop, part cocktail party, and all sorts of women lifting up and inspiring other women.

Now, please keep in mind that I generally hate the term “networking” and I use the terms “creative” and “professional” very loosely. Don’t be scared off by them! If you make something, or want to make something, or make money at making something, or are trying to make money at making something, or have an idea of how you might like to make money making something someday, that all counts! Whether you’re looking for a little inspiration, have an idea that could use some feedback, or just want to spend an evening mingling and having a few drinks with some fabulous local females (sorry, dudes), this event series is for you! And it’s for me. As I’ve mentioned many times, I’m great at ideas and making pretty shit, but terrible at business things and money. (And I want ALL THE ADVICE on having a full-time job and a toddler and a husband and two dogs and maintaining a fucking fun side hustle and maybe also not letting my house turn into a disgusting den of filth.)

Anyway, there are only 20 tickets available (and the first three events sold out in about one day) so get yours now and I’ll see you at my studio on November 15!

November 15 Creativity + Cocktails Tickets

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