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professional women's networking at Sidework Studio in Kansas City, MO. Photo by Jennifer Wetzel Photography professional women's networkingRecently, I found myself without studio mates. I had two when I moved into my space in January, and they’re both good friends and wonderful people. But one got a full-time job, and the other moved her part-time photo editing operation into her recently renovated basement. It’s not at all terrible having the space to myself, but losing two sub-letters really hurts the old freelancer bank account. For a minute, I very half-assedly looked for new renters, then yesterday decided I could easily make up the loss in income by offering workshops in this big, beautiful, airy space. After all, people are always asking me to do more events, and even more than that, asking me for advice on their projects. You see, I’m an ideas person, and while I’d love to help all the people, I just don’t have time to let everyone’s best friend from college “pick my brain” over coffee. (Also, can we pretty please stop using the phrase “pick your brain?”) But all of those requests gave me an idea for the kind of event I’d like to do in here. And it’s exactly the kind of thing I’d want to attend: creative and professional women’s networking and idea workshopping, but way cooler — and with cocktails, of course.

Now, I use the terms “creative” and “professional” very loosely. If you make something, or want to make something, or make money at something, or are trying to make money at making something, or have an idea of how you might like to make money making something someday, that counts! Whether you’re looking for a little inspiration, have an idea that could use some feedback, or just want to spend an evening mingling and having a few drinks with some fabulous local females (sorry, dudes), this event series is for you! And it’s for me. I’m great at ideas and making shit, but terrible at business things and money.

If you think this could benefit you at all, I hope you’ll join me at my studio in Kansas City, MO the first Wednesday of every month for a creatively inspiring get-together with cocktails (made by me, of course). After a moderated Q&A with a badass, inspiring woman, we’ll chat about our own projects, brainstorm, and support each other in our creative and business endeavors. It’s part networking, part big-idea workshop, part cocktail party, and all sorts of women lifting up and inspiring other women.

For the inaugural event on Wednesday, August 2, I’m thrilled to have Robin Krause of Unbakery and Juicery as the featured speaker. I spend way too much money at Unbakery nearly every day (see? bad at money), so you know she’s doing something right. If you don’t already know Robin, you can read more about her in Her Life Kansas City and learn even more at this event. And when I invited her to speak, she asked me if she could bring snacks. Duh! Yes. BRING US SNACKS, ROBIN! (She’s bringing snacks.)Robin Krause of Unbakery and Juicery Professional Women's Networking Kansas CityThere are only 20 tickets available so get yours now and I’ll see you at my studio on the 2nd!

August 2 Creativity + Cocktails Tickets

Sidework Studio photo by Jennifer Wetzel Photography

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