She Put the Lime in the Coconut

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put the lime in the coconut cocktail recipeI don’t know about you, but every time I hear “Put the Lime in the Coconut,” I think it sounds like the beginning of a really good cocktail recipe. So I finished it.

My version goes a little something like this:

She put the lime in the coconut (milk)
Then she added whiskey
She put the lime in the coconut
Then she added ginger (beer)
She put the lime in the coconut
And she drank them both up
She put the limes in the garbage disposal
And — oh, fuck! The kitchen is flooding!

Yeah, so if you watch my Instagram stories, you know I had to emergency install a garbage disposal on Wednesday. When I was taking this picture, I should have been on my way to my tire rotation appointment, so I regretfully poured both drinks down the drain. Then I threw the lime remnants in the garbage disposal because the sink was a little stinky. I squirted some dish soap on that shit, which I thought would help lube it up and hurry things along, then I flipped on the disposal. Then it started making an angry, sad whirring noise and soapy water started pouring out the bottom of the motor part under the sink. Needless to say, I did not make it to get my tires rotated. But I did race to Home Depot to buy a new garbage disposal, and I put it in all by my damn self — though not without some sweating and cursing.

Anyway, the drink is really good. And apparently, it can even relieve a belly ache. So there’s that.

P.S. It tastes even better when served in one of my friend Emily’s gorgeous ceramic tumblers.

Put the Lime in the Coconut Cocktail


2 ounces whiskey
2.5 ounces light coconut milk (from a can)
.5 ounces fresh-squeezed lime juice
Ginger beer
Lime wheel, for garnish


Add the whiskey, coconut milk, and lime juice to a cocktail shaker (or wide-mouth mason jar) with a handful of ice. Shake the shit out of it and strain into a gorgeous ceramic tumbler (or Old Fashioned glass, or whatever). Add a handful of crushed ice, top it off with cold ginger beer, give it a quick stir, and garnish with the lime.

NOTE: When buying ginger beer, be sure to get a good one, like Gosling’s, Fentiman’s, Reed’s or Cock’n Bull, and definitely don’t try to substitute ginger ale — unless you like weak sauce or something.

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  1. Lizzie

    Ha! I loved your instagram story; it made me laugh out loud. And girl, if you can install a garbage disposal (!) by yourself, you can totally rotate your own tires.

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