Rum, Spice, and Everything Nice

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rum and chai tea cocktailSometimes a bottle of booze just appears on my front porch. I mean, usually I get an email from a publicist, or a text, or whatever, letting me know it’s coming. But a few weeks ago, my friend Brandon left a whole case of assorted bottles for me. And since I’ve been in non-stop house mode lately, I just got around to having a look inside. The first bottle I grabbed was rum, and even though I’m not a rum drinker (thanks, 19-year-old self who overdid the rum and Diet Cokes) I was intrigued.

I’ll tell you this: One way to get a whiskey woman excited about rum is to give me a bottle of the latter that’s been aged in a bourbon cask (or an ex-bourbon cask for three years and an ex-sherry cask for seven, to be nerdy!), like the Premise from Foursquare Rum Distillery I’d been gifted. Another way to get me excited about rum is to make a rum that tastes really damn good — and this is really damn good stuff.

Since it was in the 50s for the first time all season, and I was feeling all cozy and festive, I just kinda did what I’d do if it had been a bottle of bourbon: I went dark and spicy. After experimenting with a few seasonal flavors, I landed on allspice dram, chai tea, and bitters. The result is a four-ingredient, fall-AF lowball that’s cozy AND boozy. It’s basically Pumpkin Spice Latte’s cold, tan, drunk cousin.

And if you don’t have a bottle of allspice dram lying around (or, you know, standing upright on your bar like a goddamn civilized human being) just go ahead and pick up one to get you through the holiday season. In fact, consider it required reading for my classy-ass booze class this year. You’ll thank me later — especially if you’re into pumpkin spice; you know allspice is one of the five spices in pumpkin spice mix, right?

Everything Nice


2 ounces double-strength* chai tea, chilled
2 ounces barrel-aged rum
½ ounce allspice dram
2 dashes Angostura bitters


Add all of the ingredients to a mixing glass with a handful of ice. Stir well and strain into a lowball glass with one large ice cube or a handful of normal-people ice cubes. Enjoy.

*8 ounces of tea brewed with two bags instead of one, or one bag per 4 ounces. Or, math. And a note: I have tried a few different brands of chai tea bags, and at this point, for cocktail mixing, I can only recommend the Bigelow Spiced Chai Tea. You should be able to find it at most grocery stores.

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