Stupid-Easy DIY Pom Pom Easter Basket

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DIY pom pom easter basket

In case you haven’t yet noticed, I’m really into easy crafts. And by “easy,” I mean shit people can actually make with limited skills and basic supplies. While there are some amazing crafts that call for power tools and some serious fiber skills, those feel more like big projects, and I don’t have the patience for that shit. But I do love making things—especially for the holidays—and I’ve been really into the pom pom basket trend for a while now. (If you weren’t aware of this trend, here’s one you can buy for $55 at Bloomingdales. And here’s another you can get for $96.)

Because crafting and drinking are my reasons for most any season, and I hate those tacky multi-color plastic baskets that are ubiquitous this time of year, I decided my first pom pom basket project would be for Easter. So I picked up a plain, single-handled basket for $14 at Home Goods and some colorful pom poms at my truly guilty pleasure, Hobby Lobby. (Apparently, most crafters make their own pom poms, but I haven’t knitted anything in years and don’t have a bunch of leftover yarn lying around, so fuck that noise. At least until I change my mind and decide I want to make my own, which I’m sure will happen soon-ish).

DIY pom pom easter basket

Anyway, to make this stupid-easy pom pom Easter basket, you just need a basket, some pom poms, a needle, and thread (and scissors to cut the thread, of course). I used a pretty large needle and thick thread, but that’s just because I had it handy. I think any size would do, though you can be the judge of that depending on your basket.

To start, thread the needle and knot it off at the end. Cut off the tail, then thread the pom pom all the way down to the knot. Sew the pom pom onto the basket, and tie it off in whatever way is the easiest and most inconspicuous. Honestly, mine are all kind of different on this basket, and I’m totally okay with that. I spread the pom poms out sort of willy nilly, but you could go crazy and saturate the entire rim, or just do a group of three on one or two sides.

DIY pom pom easter basketDIY pom pom easter basketDIY pom pom easter basketThe best part is that as long as you live a festive-as-fuck life, this basket is pretty evergreen. So when Easter’s over, you can use it for holding other things, like a picnic blanket and a giant bottle of bourbon. Though now that I think about it, there better be some bourbon in my goddamn Easter basket this year. All that said, if you don’t give a shit about the holiday and would rather just skip right ahead to your own knock-off $96 pom pom seagrass belly basket, you can get that basket at IKEA for $12. You’re welcome.

DIY pom pom easter basket

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